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Radergy S.R.L. Introduces TEE.LGBT Dating App: A Breakthrough in LGBTQIA+ Dating, Complemented by Inspirational Apparel Collection

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Bucharest, Romania – [10-09-2023]: Radergy S.R.L. today unveiled plans for the forthcoming TEE.LGBT Dating App, an innovative platform poised to overhaul the digital dating landscape for the LGBTQIA+ community. This announcement comes alongside the TEE.LGBT Shop, a dedicated space offering apparel and accessories designed to celebrate and uplift the LGBTQIA+ spirit.

The online dating experience, although rewarding for some, often leaves many disenchanted. Generic swiping, lackluster chats, and a lack of meaningful connections are common grievances. The TEE.LGBT Dating App seeks to remedy these issues, moving away from impersonal text exchanges to genuine face-to-face interactions. Instead of navigating through endless profiles, users input their preferences and let the app autonomously find matches based on mutual criteria. Once a match is identified, the platform notifies both parties and coordinates a real-life meeting at a convenient location, midway between both users.

“Current dating platforms fall short in providing a meaningful experience, emphasizing image over real connection,” says Allex Radu CEO of Radergy S.R.L. “Our vision with the TEE.LGBT Dating App is to foster genuine, real-life connections, allowing members to appreciate the person beyond their profile picture.”

Additionally, in an exclusive offer to foster community growth, TEE.LGBT Shop is gifting every t-shirt purchaser a complimentary one-year subscription to the upcoming TEE.LGBT Dating Appa value of $600. This initiative seeks to promote the app’s values and invite users to be a part of a dating revolution.

While the TEE.LGBT Dating App is still under development, the anticipation is palpable. Its promise to shift the focus from swiping to real conversations and genuine meetings is truly transformative.

About Radergy S.R.L.

Founded in 2022, Radergy S.R.L., headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, is a game-changer in digital solutions, their ventures seamlessly aligning with global challenges of paramount significance.

Radergy’s primary mission is to help humanity transcend poverty and famine while championing peace, human understanding, and equal rights.

Our vision at Radergy SRL is a future devoid of poverty and inequality—a world where every individual can truly flourish. By advocating peace, mutual understanding, and equal rights, we envision a harmonious global society where potential finds no ceilings.

“As we march towards a future enriched with love and boundless possibilities, our initiatives, including the TEE.LGBT Shop and the impending dating app, are critical milestones,” comments Allex Radu, CEO of Radergy S.R.L.

With Radergy’s resolute vision guiding its path, the LGBTQIA+ community and the world at large can anticipate stronger bonds, shared narratives, and a more inclusive future.

Media Contact:

Allex Radu

Founder & CEO

Email: [email protected]

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